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Learn How To Divide

Sweet heart, Every moment goes uncounted when your math adds up to one I become a loner, I better learn how to divide. Two by one turns into two, And two by two transforms to one. Here I felt, we were that one. will you ever learn how to divide? Your math adds one plus one I don't know how you get one. But rumors whisper you are mine And I, your other half. But that doesn't suffice You became my life, The one who adds one to I to create two and then divide Your problems, your worries, your love and everything with I plus vice versa, to become one. I don't want only a half, Will you ever learn how to divide? Read More »

I’ve Tried

I've tried telling you what I feel for you, yet you don't care a bit. I tried loving you from a distance but it hurts to see you with another. I will roam the world naked just to prove to you how much I love you. Read More »

Secret Love

Everyday I see you I feel so much joy. Every time you walk closer it feels like I’m melting with happiness. I don’t know why I love you or how you captured my heart. What will I do so you notice me? How should I tell you that I have a secret love for you? Read More »

Girl Of My Dreams

You are the girl of my dreams, You offer bigger and better things. One day I will be king, And end up buying that ring. With you I'm never stressing, I pray to God for giving me you as a blessing. I can't wait til the day I make you my bride, You always bring me so much pride, So, for you, my love will never hide, And for the rest of my life I will be on your side Read More »

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