You Don’t Have To Be Sad

You don’t have to be sad if someone leaves you, always bear in mind that everything happens for a reason. Don’t waste your love on the wrong person, there’s a perfect person for you...find them.

It’s Hard To Fight

It’s really hard to fight. Especially if the person you are fighting for had already given up on you.

Do Not Tell Me

Do not tell me face to face that you have another, because you just might get hurt if you find I don’t care.

They Don’t Like You

There are some people you really like but they don’t like you.

All Relationships Have Endings

All relationship have endings. It can only last forever if you both fight for it.

Like Rainbow

Sometimes the people that make you happy are like rainbow. You see them rarely, and quickly disappear.

Let Your Tears Fall

Sometimes letting your tears fall is the only thing you can do to lessen the pain you feel.

Tears Are Like Sweat

Tears are like sweat, they will fall when you are tired.