The Pain They Left

Is not really hard to forget the people who leave marks in your life. What’s hard to forget is the pain they left for you.

The Day I Set You Free

I regretted the day I set you free, because I know in my heart I love you, but I had to.

That Feeling

That feeling when you want to say how you feel, but you can’t because they are in love with someone already.

I’m Happy For You

It's hard to say the words I’m happy for you to the person who was the reason why you cried.

Hard To Pretend

It’s hard to pretend that I don’t love you. Every time I remember you, the pain you caused returns.

Still Want To Wait

There are things that you don’t want to continue but are afraid to end. Feeling that you don’t want, but you still want to wait.

No Matter How Hard

No matter how hard you try or beg him to stay, if he doesn’t love you, he will still leave you.

Can’t Give Up

The feeling that you are very tired of loving him but you can't just give up because you loved him too much.