More Than You Can Give

It's hard to love more than you can give. You change for him and fight for him, while he does nothing but make you cry.

My Tears

If only my tears had the power to say what you need to hear, I would cry forever.

Choose To Be Quiet

Sometimes, even though you are in pain, you choose to be quiet.

Keep At A Distance

Just because they are avoiding you, doesn't mean they'll leave you. There are just things in life that you need to keep at a distance to avoid being hurt.

The Reason You’re Happy

Sometimes the reason why you're happy is also the reason why you hurt so much.

A Person Who Doesn’t Care

It's hard to get mad for no reason. It's hard to understand that which is complicated. The hardest of all is to love a person who doesn’t care at all.

You Don’t Have To Love Someone Else

You don't have to love someone else just to show to that you can forget him. In the end, you are the one who'll end up hurt.

Two Things Might Happen

Two things could happen if keep someone at a distance. Either they will find you or they will forget you.