Not Getting Back

I am not stupid enough to come back to you. I just want you to see what you are not getting back.

Let Me Be The One

I hate to see you go, knowing you'll never be mine again. I want to see you happy. Even though it hurts me, I'll let you go. Let me be the one to break it up, so you won't have to make excuses. I love you. Goodbye...

Little By Little

Little by little I'll stop loving you, because little by little I feel you doing it too..

You May Forget

You may forget the past but never the happy moments you experienced.

How To Love

He taught me how to love, what I didn't know is that he also taught me how to cry.

Can’t Fight For You

I love you, but i can't fight for you because I know you are busy fighting for someone else.

Used To Make Me Happy

I've never thought that the person who used to make me happy and laugh would leave.

Love Is Like Playing Games

Love is like playing games, if you cheat it easily ends.