You don't need reasons to make it right. There are events in your life that happen so you can see what's wrong.

Open To Everyone

What hurts most in a relationship is when you are faithful, While they are like a restaurant, "Open to everyone and willing to serve".

Part Of Your Life

I am grateful that you became part of my life rather than to never have experienced how to be very happy as part of yours.

It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter if he’s the one who let go. What’s important is you know you gave your all and nothing less.

I Regret

I regret that I did not take care of you, did not spend time with you and took you for granted. I guess it's too late for me to get you back. Now I just wish for you to be happy.

I Miss Being In Love

I miss being in love and having someone taking care of me. When I remember the pain, though, I feel like I'd rather miss love than to feel the pain again.

You Lose By Holding Back

You never lose by loving... You always lose by holding back.

My Love Life Is Like An Iphone

My Love life is like iPhone, Because I don’t have one.