Playing Games In Love

Don't waste your time playing games in love or the time will come that you will be alone.

To Laugh Is Harder

It’s difficult to cry because of the pain we feel. But laughing just to show that you're not hurt is harder.

I'm not the right person for you to love. I'm the one who would give you pain. Rather, give your heart to someone who deserves it.

Always Remember

Always remember that moving on is not like math that comes with a formula. It is more like the theory of general relativity, you need time and space.

My Best friend My Lover

How come we never talk anymore? I still see you as my best friend. Maybe you can only see me as the lover who broke your heart. When I left you I thought I was just losing my lover but keeping my best friend. Now I've lost both It makes me wonder if I really meant that much to you if you can just let go. I broke it, but I didn't think that you would end it.

Falling Out Of Love

Falling out of love is primarily a matter of forgetting how charming someone is.

You And Me

There's no more we, now it is just you and me.

Tears Are Like Rain

I hope my tears are like the rain, so that if they stop the sun will shine and bring happiness.