Fixing My Broken Heart

I will start fixing my broken heart but I know someone will help me fix it one day. And it’s not going to be you.

To Make You Happy

All I ever wanted to do was to make you happy, then you told me to stop because it wasn’t working anymore.

A Two Way Street

Love is a two-way street that is constantly under reconstruction.

A Blissful Beginning

It was a blissful beginning, a challenging and thrilling climax, and a sad unacceptable ending.

Someone Will Love You

Someone will love you, but that someone will not be me anymore.

Good And Bad Times

Someday someone will ask me if I knew you. Millions of memories of our good and bad times will flash in my mind in a split second, but I’d just smile and say, I used to.

The Feeling Of Loneliness

The problem with getting attached to someone is the feeling of loneliness when they leave you.

Happier With Her

I may not have been enough, but I hope you’ll be happier with her.