The Kind Of Feelings

The kind of feelings I get when I look at you are the feelings people write love novels about.

You’re The One And Only

You’re the one and only I love more than life. That’s why I can’t let you go.

I Could Have Loved You

It seems that I could have loved you in a countless number of forms, in all the possible times, in lives following our life and ages that would come after our age, forever and ever.

My True Love

There’s this saying according to which true love comes only once in a life. And I believe so because you are my true love. Today, tomorrow and always I will be there for you. Love you from the depth of my heart and soul.

Smile For No Reason

It wasn’t until I met you that I found out what it was like to look in someone’s eyes and smile for no reason.

Every Time I Tell You

Every time I tell you that I love you, I don’t do out of habit as if I am used to saying this. I do it because I want you to remember that you are my life.

I Want You To Know

I can’t imagine my life without you because it’s you who make me complete. You mean everything to me, that’s what I want you to know.

Your Heart Is My Place

Being in your arms, kissing your lips and hearing your heartbeat is everything I want in life. No one else deserves it. Your heart is only my place.