Love Can Connect

There’s nothing impossible with love. Love can connect two different world including two different people. Love can make their heart beat as one.

A Glimpse Of You

A glimpse of you sends my insides into a crazy frenzy.

Whenever I See You

You have no idea what’s going on inside me whenever I see you.

Love Set You Free

Love should not imprison. Love should set you free.

When It Comes

When it comes, you cannot ever deny it, you cannot ever make your heart lie to it.

Someone Who Believes In Me

I need someone who believes in me, someone who accepts me for who I am, and someone who calls me his own. And that someone is no other than YOU.

You In My Heart

There would be no meaning for me to live without you. No one could ever replace you in my heart. Now and forever, my heart belongs to you alone.

The Rest Of My Life

I wanted to be with someone who understands that I have a dream to catch, a career that I always wanted, and a need for self-improvement. I swear if I found this guy, I will love him for the rest of my life.