You Love Him More

I love you, but you can't feel it because you love someone else more.

Love Someone

Don't love someone who only expresses love when it is convenient. Instead, love someone who shows their love for you even when they are busy.

You Don’t Have To Change

You don't have to change for someone to love you. If they really love you they'll accept you as you are. If their love is true they will understand you.

Walk With Me

One of the best things you can do with you're feet is to walk to the altar with me.

Until The Time Is Right

I know it's not the time yet for us to be together but I will always stand by your side and will stay with you no matter what until the time is right.

Give You The Whole World

I just hope I can give you the whole world so that you'll know how important you are to me.

Happy With Me

I know words are not enough to express how much I love you but I'm trying my best to make you feel it everyday. I promise you that you will be happy with me in every moment that we are together.

Just Like Fairy Tales

I will treat you like a princess and I'm you're prince, just like in the fairy tales. In the end, I want us to live happily ever after.