Beautiful Colors And Memories

Before I met you, my life was incomplete, then you came into my life and filled it with beautiful colors and memories.

Guys Are All The Same

Most girls says that guys are all the same. That is really not true.  They just failed to choose the right person.

Love Me Or Not

It's difficult to live without you. It's difficult to stay angry with you. It's sad when you don't talk to me. It's the worst feeling when you are rude. It's hurts when you ignore me. Life is lonely without you. I can't live without you. You may love me or not but I really love you.

I’m Always With You

I'm here. I'm wherever you go. I'm always with you in your heart.


One word is not enough to explain how much I love you, but the word “YOU” is enough to explain why I am in love.

You Made Me Believe

You made me believe things I should not. You showed me the things I believe do not exists. You enchanted me with simple thoughts. You made me loved you the most.

Sharing My Life With You

Thank you for making me laugh, for making my day brighter, happier and lighter. You make my life worth living, and I'm happy sharing my life with you.

Meeting You

Meeting you was not an accident, it was fate because you're contagious.