Requirement To Every Relationship

It's a requirement in every relationship to suffer and hurt. You can’t skip that.  Those fights, those chances that you break up and make up. After that you will proudly say we’ve been though many difficulties yet we faced it and we are still here.

Air To Breathe

If it was possible to live without air to breathe, then for your love I would stop.

The Most Valuable Places

The most valuable places to be in the world are in someone's thoughts, someone's prayers, and someone's heart.

Comes Unexpectedly

True love comes unexpectedly.

All The Little Bitty Pieces

Just because one man broke your heart doesn't mean that you can't love another man with all the little bitty pieces.

Power To Break Your Heart

Love is when someone has the power to break your heart into a thousand pieces, but they make sure it stays in one piece.

Looking For A Suitable Partner

Looking for a suitable partner is like looking for a healthy food. It doesn’t need to be delicious as long as it’s good for the heart.

Afraid To Show Feelings

I’m afraid to show my feelings for you, because from the start you didn’t even notice me.