You’re My Life

You're my life. There is nothing else in my heart. Love that surpasses. No matter what happens. You will still be the love that gives life to me.

Shout To The World

I may not shout to the world who I love, it’s enough for us that we both know.

Always Been You

If you think that my love for you will change, It is written in stone... Even if your hair turns white, Even if your skin wrinkles, Even if you can barely hear me... it never will. It has always been you, my love and my life...

I Love You

I love you. Your voice, your lips, your smell, your hair, your body. How you talk, how you walk. How you say the words I love you. Who I am when I'm with you.

Not All Things

Not all things that were lost can be found, not all who leave are meant to come back. Not all are like you. If you leave I will wait, if you get lost I'll search. Not everything is as important as you.

Do Not Ever Forget

Do not ever forget who you are when you love someone.

You Always Stay

I could lose all the thing in the world except my heart, because there you always stay.

The Most Important Part Of My Life

I don't want to lose the most important part of my life and that is you