You Are Like A Candle

You are like a candle. When you came, you brought light to my life.

Every Woman Is Different

Every woman is different in her own way... All women are special. Real beauty comes from within from the right attitude and confidence.

You Got It All

You Got it all, even my heart. You are perfect to me. I will love you forever. Of all the people in the world, you chose me to love you. I’m lucky to have you to love.

In A Relationship

You both want to be in a relationship so you both have to fight for it!

Surely He Loves You

If you make a man laugh, he likes you. But if you make a man cry, surely he loves you.

Love Is The Reason

Love is the only reason for two people to have a stable relationship. No matter how busy you are, no matter how far the distance is, if that someone really loves you, he'll find time to be with you.

The Happiest Day

The happiest day of my life was when you said yes to me and promised that we will be together forever.

Acceptance Is The Best Way Of Loving

Love all the bad and wrongs in him first before you love the good in him.