Forever Will Be

Never think that I don’t love you just because were miles apart. You are always in my heart and forever will be..

My Vices

I only have two vices, boozing and gambling. Boozing in your love and gambling everything for you.

Admit You’re In love

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re in love with him, What’s wrong is that you keep on denying it even though it's obvious.

To Love You Truly and Completely

To love you truly and completely is my one and only wish.

I Am So Lucky

I am so lucky that I have you. After all those trials, the ups and down that we’ve been through, all the sacrifices did not go to waste. I'm happy, lucky and contented having you for the rest Of my life!!

I Need To See You

Tonight I will sleep with thoughts of you. Tomorrow I wake up thinking of you. And now I can’t help thinking and I need to see you.

Like Him Or Not

It is hard to decide whether you like him or not. You think that he is just a simple person who makes you laugh and smile. What you don’t know is you are falling for him.

Forget The Past

In love, you have to forget the past, enjoy the present and plan for the future.