Nothing Else Mattered

I loved you, and nothing else in this world mattered when I told you that.

All The World Will Stop

Honey, if you leave, all the world will stop. The birds will stop singing and the sun will stop shining. And you’re the only one who’s able to fix it. I hope we will never part because my love for you is eternal.

Nobody Is Perfect

I like you just the way you are. I know that nobody is perfect, nor you or I, but I love every single feature of yours. And if you ever change, I will never stop loving you, because your essence will still be the same for me.

As Sweet As A Lullaby

As sweet as a lullaby is your voice that I can fall asleep every night listening to.

Beautiful And Mysterious

You’re like a picture painted by a genius artist: so beautiful and so mysterious. I hope one day you will allow me to solve this riddle because I’m a fool for you and you’re all I can think about.

If I Could

If I could, I would give you the stars that sparkle in the night sky, The sun that shines on a bright day, But I can only give you my love, I hope that’s enough.

All I See Is You

All I see is you, literally. In a crowd full of people, I will recognize your face immediately. Your voice will wake me up from the deepest sleep. Your touch will bring me to life when I feel weak. That’s how I love you.

Like The Air I Breathe

You are like the air I breathe; I find it so hard to live without you near my side.