Take This Chance

I’ll take this chance to tell you how much I love you. You mean the world to me. You're my sun shining on me everyday. You’re my night that hugs and calms me before sleep. I Love You.

Girls Think All Men

In love, some girls think that all men are the same. The test to their man is to prove them wrong.

You’re Still The Reason

Even if you’re the reason why I am moody and sad now, you’re still the reason why I laugh and smile too.

Say Sorry

Sometimes, even if its not your fault, you say sorry just to end the fight.

Love Makes You Feel

Love makes you feel like the only person in the whole world. Love makes you feel you're the happiest person in the whole world!!

Watch You Sleeping

Sometimes I wake up at night just to watch you calmly sleeping, and thank God that every night I am sleeping next to you.

The Person You Think

The person who you always think of is the person who gives you comfort when you are really down.

You Put Smile

You put the smile to my lips and make me laugh everyday and I love you for giving that to me.