She Cares

Don't get mad if she gets jealous because then you know she cares.

A Healthy Relationship

Sometimes a little argument in a relationship is healthy, because it means that you care for each other.

The Kind Of Girl

She is not the kind of girl that you'll stare at as she passes you, but she is the kind of girl that you will never want to let go.

Final Score

Love is like an exam. You either get it right or wrong, then you have to wait for the final score.

Happy and Smiling

Making my loved one happy and smiling makes me feel complete every day.

Everytime I Miss You

I feel lonely because I can’t see you, be with you, hold you, hug you, touch you and talk to you.. But even though I miss you I’m still happy because every time I miss you the more I love you.

Girlfriend And Boyfriend

A girlfriend is like a government, they have many prohibitions. A boyfriend is like a politician, they have many promises.

Loving You Is Crime

If loving you were a crime, I would be the most wanted criminal.