79 Best Love Quotes for March 2019

Our daily collection of love quotes will help you speak your partner's love language. We have all heard that old saying, "actions speak louder than words" but nothing is more magical than sharing your true feelings.

Very Happy

Have you ever had the experience of being very happy, because that’s what I feel every time I am with you.

Fall In Love

We fall in love with the people who make us smile and laugh.

He Likes You

If he makes an effort just to make you happy, you will know that he likes you.

The emotions that come from new love may leave you feeling overwhelmed by excitement and anticipation. You may not be able to find the words to express your feelings. Let us help.

A Coward And Afraid

I would love to be with someone who is a coward and afraid. A coward to hurt me and afraid to lose me.

Sign Your Falling In Love

Thirteen signs you falling in love 13. You have to try hard to be mad at them. 12. You read their texts over and over again. 11. You walk really really slow when your with them. 10. You feel shy whenever your with them. 9. While thinking about them your heart will beat faster and faster. 8. While listening to their voice you smile for no reason. 7. When looking at them you can only see that person. 6. You start listening to slow songs. 5. They becomes all you think about. 4. You get high by from their smell. 3. You realize that your always smiling to yourself when you think of them. 2. You’ll do anything for him/her. 1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time.

After some time together, that excitement can subside and you feel more secure in your relationship. This is such a special time as your relationship grows into a more mature love. It's just as important to share your love daily.

Spending Time With You

I don't care if I don't have time for anything else as long as I'm spending it with you.

More Than Everything

I don't need the person who can give me everything. I need the one who makes me feel more important than anything.

Like A Paint

You are like a painting, because you give my life color.

I love quotes on new love and mature love and every quote that falls in between. I know that here you will find the perfect love quote to share with your true love.