Our daily collection of love quotes will help you speak your partner's love language. We have all heard that old saying, "actions speak louder than words" but nothing is more magical than sharing your true feelings.

You Are Enough

When your heart is broken, you might sit there wondering if you will ever be enough for anyone. You are enough, who always have been and you always will be enough, no matter what happens.

The Sweet Taste Of You

When you came into my life, it was like red wine and honey. The sweet taste of you burnt my mouth.

Every Star For You

I’ll catch every star for you. I’ll cross every ocean for you. I will die for you.

The emotions that come from new love may leave you feeling overwhelmed by excitement and anticipation. You may not be able to find the words to express your feelings. Let us help.

When A Relationship Ends

Breakups aren’t always meant for makeups, sometimes when a relationship ends it is time for you to wake up.

Someone Special For Me

I always knew there was someone special out there for me. I have no need to search for him, for he has found me and I him. I have always loved you.

After some time together, that excitement can subside and you feel more secure in your relationship. This is such a special time as your relationship grows into a more mature love. It's just as important to share your love daily.

My Love For You

My love for you is mightier than Goliath and Niagara Falls combined.

I Found My Home

I found my home and paradise with you.

All The Pieces

God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.

I love quotes on new love and mature love and every quote that falls in between. I know that here you will find the perfect love quote to share with your true love.