93 Best Love Quotes from April 2020

  1. Love does not come and go, you either love a person truly or you never really loved at all.
  2. Love is the manifestation of all those crazy emotions that you feel when you see someone.
  3. “True loyalty means being true to your partner, no matter how hard things can get. Even if it hurts, you have to tell
  4. him when he is wrong and urge him to keep going when he is right.”
  5. No one knows the ending of every love story. Some thinks it will end up happy, but they will find out soon that it is not. Some thinks it will end soon, but to their surprise it ends happily. See? Love is mysterious. It will not reveal itself until it is not the right time.
  6. I belong to you, my love finds shelter in you, and a part of you is also a part of me too.
  7. The best time to fall in love with someone is now; tell him what you feel even if you get hurt.
  8. “Would you let me love you and show you that my love for you will heed no question and will stand through whatever
  9. tries to block it out? If yes, then I will start now.”
  10. When you find that person you do not get tired of seeing every day, think about marrying her.
  11. I trusted you so much and was loyal to you only for you to hurt and betray me instead.
  12. Wherever you may be right now, I hope that you know just how loyal I will always be to you.
  13. There are so many reasons to love someone and I love you because you make me happy.
  14. I just hope you realize how much you wasted the loyalty I have given to you.
  15. “I do not believe in love at first sight. For me, it takes more than just that. Maybe it was only an appreciation of
  16. the beauty you saw at first in that person. But real love lies deeper within. It is a matter of knowing each other well and it takes time.”
  17. Think things through, is loving him worth it all or is this love just another story to tell later?
  18. I may not be able to promise you all the things you want but I will give you all my love.
  19. The day I get married is the day I promise to be with someone until after death, for eternity.
  20. Too much love can lead you to worst situation. Remember, too much of everything is not good at all. So better learn to control yourself and your emotion.
  21. You are my one and only, the one I truly love and the only one that I ever will, until the end.
  22. Loving a person who does not love you back only means that he/she does not deserves you. Wait patiently for someone who will share the kind of love you have. Someone who will never break your heart.
  23. You can fall in love so many times, over and over again, but you have to find that person to.
  24. There is no need for you to sign a contract because I know just how loyal you are to me.
  25. The moment you fall for someone, everything that you are is no longer yours.
  26. I would be smarter this time when it comes in loving. My failed relationship taught me to be stronger and wiser. I love who I am right now than yesterday.
  27. Love is a powerful weapon in any relationship. It can help you fight those who want to bring it down. It will strengthen not only your foundation but also your trust for each other.
  28. When I told you that I love you, I meant that I will love you until the day I finally leave this world, until the day I take my very last breath.
  29. When the right time comes, do not expect any loyalty from me as you have failed me so.
  30. When someone’s smile warms your heart, it may be because that you love that person.
  31. Indeed, one of the best things in this world is to be loved by someone that you love as well.
  32. Being ready in love means being able to do things that you usually do not do, being able to get hurt, and most especially being able to forgive.
  33. Loving you means that I will accept you for who you are, for everything that you are, love.
  34. I think that a person who can be faithful to the Lord will be a good lover, loyal and faithful.
  35. Dear girl, I hope that one day, when you fall in love, you do not give all that you have.
  36. Love will defy all odds if it is true, it will withstand all the test and it will survive it for sure.
  37. I have never felt love before I met you and now I do not know what to do without you here.
  38. Love makes people believe again and have faith in something that are invisible to the eyes.
  39. When someone leaves your life, it only means that someone better is coming. That someone will love and treat you better than before.
  40. Some days, I still think that the best kind of love would be friendship, no one gets hurt in it.
  41. You need to make sure that the person you will marry is the person that you truly love.
  42. You cannot just give your love to the person you just met. Take time to know more about him. No one wants to end up being hurt because of carelessness.
  43. All I want is to be a part of your now and your future, I will accept the past if you accept me.
  44. The best kind of love in the world is that which is pure and true, with no strings attached.
  45. There is no better proof of love than standing in front of someone and showing your soul.
  46. Truly, love is the most dangerous thing in this world, it breaks people and it crushes them.
  47. It is amazing how love brought two different people together. Despite their differences, they still manage to accept and love each other.
  48. Even when the world tells me it is wrong to love you, I will, because that is what I mean when I told you that I will love you until the very end.
  49. It was good meeting you but how wrong you were to betray the loyalty I have given you.
  50. Stop chasing for love because patience is also a key for it, so just wait for the right man.
  51. Love means defying all the obstacles and taking all the risks just to be with one person.
  52. I always end up loving the wrong person. But it doesn’t stop me on choosing you. I don’t care whether you are right or wrong. I will still try even if this one doesn’t work again.
  53. Love gives us many chances. If other relationship failed, then try another one. Keep trying until you find the right one.
  54. No one in this world can ever escape the power of love, it is so powerful that it affects all.
  55. Getting hurt is part of the process of loving someone, happiness always come with a price.
  56. I can stare at you all day and I can watch you sleep all night. There’s nothing I cannot do for the one I love.
  57. I still long for the days when we were still madly in love with each other, time surely flies fast.
  58. Love knows no age. You can love someone who is older or younger than you. Love does not vary according to age. It is always the same kind of love you give.
  59. “Love truly makes a fool even out of the smartest people in the world, love
  60. is their weakness.”
  61. What did I do so wrong that you had to see you betraying me when I had been nothing but loyal to you?
  62. I love you so much that I am willing to sacrifice all that I have if it means you will be happy.
  63. Love enables us to forgive. No matter how big the sin he has for you, if you love that person you will choose to forgive. Why? Because real love doesn’t keep records of wrong.
  64. Could it possibly be that I love you more than I love myself? Some days I think that is the case, some days, I think it is not.
  65. God is the author of every love stories. I trust in His work because he holds my future. His plan includes the one who I can be with for a lifetime.
  66. No matter what happens, I will be here for you until the end of it, that is how much I love you.
  67. Loyalty is not something you say but something you prove by your actions, not your words.
  68. Only your lover can see the truth and the sincerity within your eyes.
  69. I love you, so no matter what may have happened in your past, I will accept all of it.
  70. It is not justifiable to lose your life because of love, prioritize yourself for a moment there.
  71. The only desire of love is to complete itself.
  72. If you tell me you love me, I will do the same and I will show you just how much my love is.
  73. I hate the fact that I was so loyal to you while you were never loyal to me.
  74. In love, two lives merge into one.
  75. Stay beside me until the end of time and let us prove to the world that true love still exists.
  76. If you are going to be like this, I should have dropped the love that I felt for you all this time.
  77. Love gives the most bitter of pain and yet, it gives the sweetest of joy.
  78. There is no point in explaining what loyalty is to the people who do not even know how to be loyal to anyone in the world.
  79. Love is the greatest adventure of your life.
  80. All of my thoughts are about you and I talk about you too much. Oh boy, this must be love.
  81. If one day, you realize that you are not really in love with the person in front of you, then you have never really loved that person at all.
  82. I didn’t know that love could feel so great, so incredible and so wonderful at the same time.
  83. I hope that you find someone you love so much that you think he or she is worth marrying.
  84. I was such a fool for believing in your loyalty when it only was words for you.
  85. The best feeling is that which no words can even match.
  86. Love is not blind at all. It only accepts the fact that the one he/she loves is not perfect and that he/she is capable to do mistakes. Love is about seeing the reality behind every lies. Being able not to do so will lead someone nowhere but in danger. Do not be blind by this world, look deeper within. In that way you will find the answer you were looking for.
  87. You were my dream until you became my reality, now you are nothing but a nightmare to me.
  88. In the eyes of love, everyone is equal. There is no rich or poor. There is no strong or weak.
  89. A perfect couple prays together, shop together, and watch movie together. Love is sweeter when you do it together.
  90. There is no point in hurting people over loyalty when loyalty is something that should be given freely without any payment.
  91. To love is to live in heaven on earth.
  92. You cannot just buy love. You have to work for it; you have to do everything to achieve it. Love is like your dream. No matter how high it is, you will reach for it.
  93. Finally, you fell for someone but sadly, he is not the one meant for you and that is sad.