Most Magical Mistake

Loving him was the most magical mistake of my life.

All I Need

His eyes. His smile. His laugh. His sense of humor. His scent. His warmth. His love. It’s all mine and it’s all I need.

Facing Tomorrow

Saying goodbye is not hard, it’s facing tomorrow and moving on that’s tough.

I Wish

I wish I could have given you so much more.

Something To Hold

Sometimes you have to let go of someone to see if there’s something there to hold and hang onto.

Better Off Alone

I guess I am better off alone.

Your Love

Your love makes me high. I smile from ear to ear. I daydream. I feel tingly in my stomach. I feel giddy. I go crazy.

How To Be Loyal

There is no point in explaining what loyalty is to the people who do not even know how to be loyal to anyone in the world.