Your Happiness

Never allow your happiness to be based on something that you might soon lose. That’s not love at all.

Many Beautiful Moments

The love that we share is bringing so many beautiful moments in my life. I hope that it will never ends!

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish to turn into the moon, so I could guard your sleep at night. Sometimes I wish to turn into your favorite sweater, so I could be closer to your body. Sometimes I wish to be the love of your life, so we could be together. I love you.

Love And Appreciation

For me, you are the definition of love. Everything you do makes me feel so much love and appreciation of what I have with you. There’s nothing more important than us, baby. I will love you till the end of time.

You Belong To Somebody

Every time I close my eyes at night I see your face. You’re smiling to me and saying the sweetest things. How I wish it was happening in real life… But you belong to somebody else, and I won’t ever interfere with it, because your happiness means a world to me, even though we’re not together.

It Is Love Indeed

It is love indeed when all you want is that person’s happiness even though you are not a part of it.

The Least Expected Love

Sometimes, the least expected love comes at the right moment, at the time you are ready.

The Kind Of Marriage

I want the kind of marriage that makes my kids want to get married.