A Good Reason

There must be a good reason behind our tears now. Maybe today we are crying, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Let us just trust the Lord with His plan for us.

Someone New

We had some good times together and our love was true, but now it’s things have run their course and it is time for someone new.

Never Regret A Relationship

Never regret a relationship that has ended. If it was good, then that is wonderful. If it was bad, then you have experience.

Feel So Good

I never knew that loving you could feel so good.

I Cherish Every Moment

I keep thinking of how much I love talking to you.. How good you look when you smile. How much I love your laugh. I day-dream about you off and on, replaying pieces of our conversation; laughing at funny things that you said or did.. I've memorized your face and the way that you look at me.. I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine.. I wonder what will happen the next time we are together & even though nothing will come out of this, I know one thing for sure, for once.. I don't care, I cherish every moment I have with you.

When You Smile

I feel so good when you smile.

A Good Man

You've found a good man when he makes you want to be a better woman.

Future Marriage

A successful marriage is built daily. Your children are watching your marriage. Be mindful to set a good example for them to model in their future marriage.