The Person Who Loves You Now

You will not see the person who loves you now if you are still looking at the person you loved before.

Prove It

One of the saddest truths of love is when someone tells you that they love you, but they can't prove it.

Dont Take Advantage

Don't take advantage of someone's weakness, especially if you know that you are their weakness.

The One You Really Love

If I was the one you really loved, you would have picked me.

If I Could Take Back

If I could take back every time I said "it's okay" I would. Then I would tell the truth.

You Choose

Why would you choose to be second choice of the one you love when you can be the one and only in the arms of someone else.

Not All The People Will Understand

Not all the people who love you will understand you. Sometimes they’re the person who understand least why you’re hurt and act different.

In Relationship

In relationship, it’s always the woman, who’s in control. If there’s a lover's quarrel its always the woman’s fault... The other woman.