Unless You Ask Me Too

I will always love you, and I will never let you go unless you ask me to.

The Wrong Time

I don’t know why fate is messing up with me each time I fall in love. Why does it always have to be the wrong time?

Leave You Heartless

When you give your entire heart to someone, they tend to just play with it or break it. And it will leave you heartless.

Respect Your Choices

I know that I have to move on not because I don’t love you but to respect your choices and myself.

Before Falling For Someone

Before falling for someone, make sure they are there to catch you.

It Makes Me Cry

I didn’t know that you were lying all this time. All I know is that those lies made me happy at one point. Now it makes me cry.

Hiding All My Pain

People say I am pretty, intelligent and independent. It looks like I did a great job hiding all the pain.

The Worst Kind Of Loneliness

The worst kind of loneliness is being surrounded by many people who like you but are not loved by the one you love.