All The Pain Goes Away

When you listen to music, all the pain goes away.

We Assume

We assume that our partners love us enough to change for us, but it should not be that way.

Put Myself First

I would never let anyone take so much out of me again, and I promise to put myself first.

Consider Me

I wish that someone would consider me as their own.

The World Is Too Big

The world is too big a place that we can still find more people to spend part of our lives with.

Why Does It Hurt

I thought that I knew what I wanted, and that was to stop what we had, but why does it hurt?

A New Love

Though our life has ended, our life hasn’t let us go out there and find a new love for ourselves.

Love Can Last A Lifetime

I still think that someone will help me prove that love can last for a lifetime one day. It can.