Your Ability To Love

The greater your ability to love, the greater your ability to feel it when it hurts.

A Moment Of Rejection

I prefer a moment of rejection to an eternity of uncertainty.

Just Because

Just because you call me Doll does not mean that I was created for you to play with.

To Make Decisions

Sometimes in life, you have to make decisions, sometimes those decisions break hearts.

It Is Your Fault

Since it is your fault that I am gone, I do not expect you to miss me.

It Never Hurt

It never hurt that you left; it hurt that you did not come back.

An Empty Shell

I sometimes wish that I hadn’t met you, but then I realized that my life would’ve been an empty shell if you weren’t in it.

With A Broken Heart Forever

The habit of thinking about someone who might not even be thinking about you stays with a broken heart forever.