All My Pain

Sometimes I feel that I am causing all my pain because I get too trusting and care so much.

Give Up On You

It’s hard when the people who encouraged you to go on give up on you. It will make you give up on yourself too.

A Better World

You can’t stop others from hurting you, but you can at least try to stop yourself from hurting others. That means less pain and a better world.

The Only Best Option

A breakup doesn’t always mean bad. Some just need it because it is the only best option they have.

Love Is Blind

Love is blind, and it has got to stay blind: finally seeing your partner for what they usually mean it’s over.

Depend On Yourself

I figured that the only way to make yourself happy is to depend on yourself and reward yourself because nobody would.

Pain I Can Tolerate

I don’t know which pain I can tolerate more—the pain of being alone or being with someone who doesn’t care.

Keep Your Strength

It’s hard to keep your strength if you have endured so much pain for so long. Your tolerance might not catch up.