A Broken Heart

Sorry does not fix a broken heart.

A Magic Switch

I wish that I had a magic switch in my life, one that, when pressed, erased all the memories I had with you.

You Always Suffer

You always suffer for someone, and you will realize that someone is not worth it at the end of the day.

The Night Is Sadder

I look at the sky, and the moon does not shine; it is like the night is sadder since you are not here.

A Second Chance

In love, no one is not deserving of a second chance.

It Hurts To Love You

It hurts to love you the way I do because I wouldn’t say I like it when you laugh with someone else. You do not know that you rip my heart out each time you do it. I wish I’d never met you so that I wouldn’t feel this sadness.

Everything Is A Lie

It hurts me to love you because you do not feel the same, it hurts when you hold me because I know that everything is a lie, but it hurts more to see you with another person when I see that you’re playing with me.

It Hurts Remembering

It hurts remembering who we used to be.