For A Reason

Dear Ex, just because I am so nice to you, does not mean I want you back. We broke for a reason.

You Never Bothered

I never meant to break your heart but you never bothered to understand mine.

Treat Her Better

A boy is quite uneasy about losing his girl. If he knows someone else can treat her better.

Breaking Your Heart

You love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart.

The Biggest Feelings

One of the biggest feelings is suffering your attachment to somebody who isn’t good for you.

A Place For Her

There is always be a place for her in my life just not in my heart.

Maybe One Day

Maybe one day we will meet again and gave us a new start all over.

Decide To Stop

I didn’t quit loving you I decide to stop showing it because no concern how hard I tried you wouldn’t get it.