Friendship Matters

Friendship matters, but in the end, we often want to be by ourselves when we get genuinely hurt.

For The Better Of Us

You would not believe this, but someday, you will realize that ending it was for the better of us.

No More Making Up

No more making up because there were no more us.

You Changed

You changed, and so did I and I realized that we are just not made for each other, simple as it is.

Go Back To The Old Days

I will go back to the old days when I haven’t met you just yet, and I will be as happy as I can.

A Relationship Fails

It is sad when a relationship fails, but it is better to know it early on than later after marriage.

Love Eventually Dies

The thing is that love eventually dies if the flame is not kept tended to, and that is truly sad.

End A Relationship

I wish we never got here to end a relationship, but it is something that we must do for us both.