The World Is Better

Look and see and realize that the world is better without him in it, and you were right to end it.

A Sad Relationship

You define a sad relationship when you are too busy for each other even to talk.

The Wrong People

People try to find the best things with the wrong people only to end up failing so badly too.

The End That We Had

The end that we had was not the greatest, but it had taught me a great deal. That is the truth.

I Will Live My Life

I will live my life, even without you here by my side. That is the path I must take from now on.

Holding On To You

I thought I was strong, holding on to you, but I was more potent when letting you go now.

Even The Best Things

Even the best things in this life can fall apart as we are now at the end of a relationship.

To End A Relationship

I thought I had forgotten what it felt like to end a relationship, but it is still fresh now