The Bad Part

The bad part of trying to forget someone is the more you force it to happen, the more you remember them.

We No Longer Talk

I am not sad because we no longer talk. It’s just that I missed the times when we spoke to each other every day and night.

Your Eyes Tell Me

My heart tells me you’re mine, but your eyes tell me otherwise.

Our Emotional Bucket

Sometimes our emotional bucket needs to drain through our tears to give space to happier emotions.

The Sad Part Of Being Broken

The sad part of being broken is realizing we can never go back in time to prevent things from happening.

Truth Can Hurt

Truth can hurt but only for some time. But a lie will linger for the rest of our lives.

I Still Love You

I still love you; I hope that you still do too.

So Much Has Changed

It’s sad to realize that you are missing someone they can never be again because so much has changed.