So Much Pain

I like to expose myself to so much pain that all that will be left is numbness, and I couldn’t feel pain any longer.

Changing Your Appearance

Changing your appearance or habits won’t help if the person you want doesn’t love you. Finding another one helps.

We Are Being Strangers

We used to be so close, but now I feel we are being strangers to each other.

I Am Now Happy

I was sad when you broke up with me. Now that I think of it, my life has become better, and I am now happy. How about you?

Your Efforts To Smile

It’s hard to keep smiling when you are hurting so much that you didn’t realize tears are already flowing despite your efforts to smile.

Watched Me Go

I couldn’t forget the day I had to go away, and you just watched me go.

You Just Become Smarter

When you jump on a cliff and reach rock bottom, you will be afraid to jump again—even a prince will say he will catch you. You just become smarter.

Something Must Be Wrong

If you feel like you always give and never get anything back, check out the ones whom you give: something must be wrong.