Never Returning Back

I'm afraid of the night coz night reminds me of you breaking up with me with the words of never returning back.

The Most Beautiful Dream

The most beautiful dream is love and can be the worst nightmare lovers can have.

The Same Thing

Sometimes, finding love and holding on to it weren’t the same thing. It can make you smile but it can make you bleed. 💔

Holding On

All I’m asking is for you to stop holding on.

The Perfect Ending

You are just part of my story, and that part is now ready to be rewritten to have a perfect ending.

Feel Right

It just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Reasons Of Leaving You

You have too many excuses to prioritize our relationship; well I can have too many reasons of leaving you.

The Only Choices

The only choices you have are either stay with me or let me go.