Pill For The Ache

My heart is sobbing in pain. I wish there is a pill for the ache.

Fear Of Losing You

I’ve lose you because of my fear of losing you.

A Lost Star

A lost love is a like lost star. You missed the chance to whisper a wish of hope when it passed by.

The Agony Of A Love

Even the most intelligent mind can never understand the agony of a love that forgot its own meaning.

A Song Of Sorrow

My heart is singing a song of sorrow while my eyes are drowning from the tears of longing.

Leaving Me

Now you’re leaving me with no air to breathe.

More Heartbreaking

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see the person you should have been protecting, crying out her heart because of you.

Living With The Truth

Breaking up is sometimes waking up with lies and living with the truth. 💔