Dont Want To Assume

I am not numb, so I don't want to assume because I don't want to get hurt.

Can Never Forget

In life, there are things that you will let go but you can never forget.

Two Things I’ve Learn

As the time has passed, there are two things I've learned. Forget that you're gone and to value on what I have left.

I Want To Go Back

I want to go back to the day I first met you. Not because I want to change it. But to feel again the happiness I felt the first time I saw you.

Perfect Love Is Like Unicorn

Perfect love is like unicorn, nonexistent.

Hard To Do

There are things that are easy to say but hard to do...such as dieting, saving and most of all moving on.

True Love Is Like A Drunk Person

True love is like a drunk person, crying, falling and hurting... But still saying I can.

A Treasure

I consider my ex as a treasure... that I would really like to bury in the ground.