Dont Assume

Don’t assume, you will just hurt yourself.

Start To Accept

If you want to be happy, start to accept that you can’t have everything. It's not all meant for you.

Nothing To You

It may be nothing to you, But its heaven for me..

You Are Wonderful

Sometimes, when you are deeply in love, you forget that you are a wonderful person also. That when your love leaves you, you are still a wonderful person.

Learn To Give Up

Learn to give up, if you’re hurting too much. As the saying goes, your load becomes lighter when you let go.

Reason For Leaving

If he found a reason to leave you, Then find a reason to be happy he left you.

Distance Between Two Hearts

Distance between two heart can always grow stronger.

Far Away

Its like your far away from me and I need you with me and you act like your like 1000's miles apart from me but your right there every day.