True Love Is Like A Drunk Person

True love is like a drunk person, crying, falling and hurting... But still saying I can.

A Treasure

I consider my ex as a treasure... that I would really like to bury in the ground.

Really True

This is true... Life is incomplete without you. I am so unlucky. I can’t be complete... because I know, I can never have you.

Favorite Subject

Algebra is my favorite subject... because you can replace my X without asking me Y?

A Good Example

They say that I should forget my ex. I ask them why I should forget a good example of my mistake.

Waiting For You To Come Back

It has been so long, but I can still feel you here next to me. I can feel your touch. I can see your face. I can hear you talking. And I miss it all. You were my life and now I am but an empty shell, waiting for you to come back to me.

Life Is So Stupid

Life is so stupid. An ordinary person makes you smile and a very special person makes you cry. Still, we care for the special one.

My Heart Is Stupid

Be grateful that my heart is stupid. Even though you broke it, it still loves you.