I Gave Up On Him

I have given up on him because he has given up on me. I love him, but he’s loving someone else. I hope he’s happy now. I only hope I find the person I will love and will love me for who I am.

You Deserve To Be Happy

You are beautiful person that deserves to be happy so stop crying. The person who hurt you did not know how amazing you are. They don’t know what they’re missing. Don’t give up yet. Everything will fall into place. You will find the person who deserves you and sees the best in you.

Give Space

Sometimes you need to give the person you love space for them to think and know your worth. If they come back to you they love you, if not be thankful for your time together.

Love Yourself First

Sometimes you will get tired of loving and being hurt. But that’s what love is..You just need to take a break and start loving yourself first.

Stand On Your Own

If your love left you, don’t cry.. instead smile and let him see that you can stand on your own.

I Love You Forever

Before saying “I love you forever” ask yourself if you’re ready. Most of us are ready to face love but not everyone is ready to face forever.

Part Of Growing Up

Sometimes you need to accept you’re wrong. It’s not giving up, it’s growing up.


If you are holding on to a person when nothing is happening, letting go is not the solution, it's acceptance.