All That I Feel

I hope you’re a nurse and I'm the patient, so I can tell you all that I feel.

Distance Does Not Mean Separation

To us, distance does not mean separation but it makes us to be together in spirit.

I’m Addicted To You

I’m Addicted to you. I really want to see you every day.

You Are The Beauty

You are the beauty of the moon's light, the light of the sun's rays and the fire of the dessert burning in my heart. Yes, you are the best dessert I've ever had!

Only See You

If I see someone who’s better than you, I'll close my eyes so I can only see you.

Out Of Reach

My love, yet another day with you in my heart, on my mind and out of my reach..

This Love

This love is ours.

I May Not

I may not even tell you how important you are to me, I may not even make you feel how important you are, I may not even always there for you.. But every night before I sleep I pray hoping that there is something or anything I’d do to make you happy even though I’m not there.