Missing You So Much

Missing you is torture. I got so used to you being by my side all the time that my life feels so empty when you are not around. All I see is your beautiful shiny eyes, illuminating with love and tenderness. Missing you so much, dear. I love you.

A Piece Of Art

How can you possibly be this beautiful? You are a piece of art. God’s masterpiece. Can we just pretend that I deserve you and you will be mine for the rest of our lives?

The Memory Of Your Face

I’m trying to fall asleep, but I just can’t, because I can’t stop thinking of you. I’ve tried counting sheep but it didn’t work, I just started counting freckles on the memory of your face.

Express Our Affection

There are so many different words to express our affection. I can say either I like you, or adore you, or love you, or I’m obsessed with you, but none of these words will describe what I exactly feel. What I really feel can’t be put into words.

A New Day To Love You

Every day is a new day to love you and be loved by you. I’ll never give up on the person that makes me smile for no reason. I’ll never give up on you. Promise me to do just the same.

I Had More Courage

Sometimes I wish I had more courage in me and I weren’t afraid to talk about my feelings. But I’ve been keeping it inside for too long, and now I’m ready to explode, to tell the whole world about what I feel. And do you know what I feel? I feel deep and burning love for you. It’s time for you to know that.

So Much Love

Please, tell me it is not going to end. You make me the happiest man on Earth, and I do my best to make you the happiest woman. We’re a perfect couple because we have so much love inside of us and we’re always eager to share it with each other.

Understand What True Love Is

I thought I will never be able to understand what true love is. But then you came into my life so unexpectedly. I think it’s the way it’s got to be, right? I’ve never felt like this before. No matter what you say or do, I will never let you go. I love you, baby.