How I Love You

Unconditionally, unforgettably, passionately, and all-encompassingly. That's how I love you.

The Best She Could Be

I knew she had her insecurities, but she kept them away by always being the best she could be.

Appreciate This Moment

I want to appreciate this moment just to love you and forget everything else in this world now.

The Only Voice

Yours is the only voice that I want to hear the three words; I love you from; tell it over again.

No Words To Explain

Do not ask why I love you, for there are no words to explain my feelings for you, my dearest.

I Knew You Were The One

When I first saw you, I knew you were the one because I knew then that I would love you.

Being Able To Love You

Being able to love you was the best feeling in the world, the one I will never forget in my life.

You Are The Answer

You're the answer to questions I've been asking my whole life.