Home For Me

Happiness for me is you. Love for me is you. Future for me is you. Home for me is you.

With Your Smile

I am obsessed with your smile. I am obsessed with your soul. I am intoxicated by your love.

When I Get Up

The best thing about going to bed is the thought of seeing your heavenly gorgeous face when I get up.

With Everlasting Love

Thank you for filling my heart with joy. Thank you for filling my hand with your fingers. Thank you for filling my life with everlasting love.

Your Kiss

Your kiss leaves me speechless, I get amnesia, it drives me wild.

No One Matters

No one matters when you are with me. You are most important thing in the world.

Every Time I See You

Every time I see you I just want to passionately kiss you.

All The Time

I’ll never get tired of loving you. I want to be with you every day and every night, constantly and all the time.