Love Is A Story Book

If love is a storybook, we sure have met right in the first chapter of the book.

Meeting A Girl Like You

I used to dream about meeting a girl like you. It was hard for me to think that something like that could even happen, but the first time ever I saw your face I realized that you are the one. It will never change, I promise. I love you.

Your Amazing Personality

You’ve blinded me with your beauty. The moment I saw you I realized that I’m going to spend my life with you. Your amazing personality makes you completely perfect, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have you by my side.

Love Is Life

Love is life. Thus, if you miss love, then you miss life.

Love Is Heavyweight

Some say that love is heavyweight. But I don’t feel like that when I’m with you. You make me feel so complete, I feel like all my life I’ve been looking for you. And now that I found you, I could not be happier.

You Are My Other Half

There is something about you that makes me go crazy. Each and every part of your body and soul is perfect, and It seems to me that you are my other half. I feel like our love will last forever. You are my Sun, and I can’t live a minute without your light.

The One I Truly Love And Care

You are my sun, my stars, my sky… The one I truly love and care for, I don’t need anyone else, but you, Your eyes, and your smile!

Showing Me What Love Means

Thank you for stepping out of my dreams and for showing me what love means.