Gold Is Nothing

Gold is nothing compared to how precious you are to me.

The Most Important

The thoughts of you occupy my mind every second. I think of you now and always. You are the most important.

The Best You Can Be

A wife can either be the best or worse partner a man can have. I appreciate you for choosing to the best you can be to me.

A Flower In The Wild

Just like a flower in the wild, you are one of a kind.

The Only Girl Of My Life

Hugs and kisses for the only girl of my life.

Without You In My Life

I would never have accomplished what I have today without you in my life.

I Have Come To Stay

Some might have come into your life and walk away, but I have come to stay with you till time without end.

My Happiness Has Grown

My happiness has grown ten times since you stepped into my life. Every day you make me smile with your love and your little gestures. Thank you for marrying me. I love you.