Three Lifetimes

If I am given three lifetimes in this world, I will use all of them in loving you.

Love Is A Gift

Love is a gift; love is a remembrance. Once it is given, it will be eternally cherished.

The Very First Time

You stole my heart the very first time our eyes met.

True Love Never Ends

There is no such thing as happy endings because true love never ends.

It Makes Me Stronger

You make me smile, and it brightens up my days, it keeps me going, it makes me stronger.

Your Face And Smile

I will always look at your face and smile at you because that means just how much I love you.

The Main Reason

You are the main and only reason why I know what love is.

Like A Teenager

There is something about you that makes me feel all giddy on the inside like a teenager.