All Worth It

Looking back at all the difficulties and trials I had in the past, I can say that all of the sweat and tears are all worth it since it led me to you. 😇

Beautiful And Vibrant

Some men say that their women makes their life complete. But you are different. With you, not only did you complete it and give it so much meaning, you made everything beautiful and vibrant.

Apart From My Family

Apart from my family, you are someone I will not ever want to leave my sight. I love you.

My Guiding Light

Without you, I am without direction. With you, I always find my way back to right path. Thank you for being my compass, my guiding light.

Beyond Comparable

Your beauty is beyond comparable. You have captured the stars in your eyes and the sun in your smile. Every time you move, the world holds its breath for a single heartbeat.

My Brightest Days

When you wake up, it’s the sunrise of my life. When you go to sleep, it’s the sunset of my life. You are my rainy skies and my brightest days. I love you.

Life Is Great

Life is great when you have someone to share your troubles with, celebrate your victories with and love someone with all your heart with.

I Don’t Mind

I don’t mind standing in the cold rain as long as you are by my side and under the protection of the warmth of my jacket.