Queen Of My Heart

You are the queen of my heart and the master of my soul. I am all yours, my darling.

Worthy Of Your Love

I do all that I do to be all that I can be so I can be worthy of your love.

You Flew Into My Life

I never knew angels existed until you flew into my life and blessed it with your presence.

Without A Single World

You are the only person whose silence speaks volumes to my heart without a single word.

I Can Offer Everything

I can offer everything I am, but I fear it will never be enough because you have given me the world.

A Brand On My Heart

The moment I met you was the moment that you put a brand on my heart.

A Lucky Man

You are the goddess that poets write about, artists paint, and bards sing for, and yet you chose me, a mere mortal, to love. I am a lucky man to be divinely blessed.

I Shall Treasure It

You might have stolen my heart, but you have given me yours, and I shall treasure it for always.