To Stay Forever

For a couple to stay forever they must consistently communicate to each other. They must know how to keep the fire burning. Never get afraid of being hurt. Love is a game. Play it better.

Ultimate Promise

Blessed are those couples who put God at the center of their relationship. When God is with you, no one can destroy you. That is God ultimate promise.

For Keeps

Find a partner who can stay at your side even in your worst day. Those are the one who are for keeps.

Together As One

Together you act as one. Together you smile. Together you cry. You are not alone anymore. Love is about two people who are destined to be one. 👩‍❤️‍👨💕

Test Of Relationship

It is normal for a couple to argue now and then, it is how they will prove to each other how strong their foundation is. Being able to survive test of relationship makes you stronger.

Love Is Simple

Love is simple. It’s the people who set hurdles on it.

An Immeasurable Force

Love is an immeasurable force which has no length, no depth nor weight. 💖

Your Future Together

It is a good thing to finally have that someone who doesn't judge you by your mistakes, but helps you how to make it right. He's someone who will take good care of you and your future family together.