I Never Knew

I never knew smiling at someone with no reason is a thing until you came into my life.

Happy I Did

I never expected that I’d end up with you, and I’m happy I did.


Whenever I get home, I easily feel homesick because I want you to be by my side always.

A Kiss

My spouse is really simple, I can make my love smile by the littlest of things such as a kiss.

The Ones The Matter

The ones that matter to you the best will be the one to make you have peace within yourself.

For The Longest Time

I want to be with you for the longest time, I want to be able to keep you here in my arms, baby.

Keep My Heart

You can keep my heart forever, it has always been yours to hold ever since we first met.

The Right Person

Maybe the truth is that we are all searching for the right person and that’s who you are to me.