To Win Your Heart

I’m a nerdy type of guy, unromantic and clueless at times. When I met you though, all I ever wanted to do is geek over the ways to win your heart.

Just To Be With You

I will walk a million miles just to be with you, sing a thousand songs just so you know how much I love you and cross the depths of hell just to see you smile.

My Ultimate Pleasure

Every day, you still manage to make my heart skip a beat with just your smile. Falling in love with you is my ultimate pleasure. There will not be a day I will cease loving you.

Your Smile Is All I Need

Your smile is all I need to keep me standing against my troubles and all the things that weighs my heart down.

A Day Without You

A day without you is like a morning without coffee, a computer without internet connection or an action film without guns and explosions.

I Had You In My Life

I've never looked so brightly, happily and positively towards the future before. Ever since I had you in my life, all I can think about are the wonderful days we can have together ahead.

My Life Is Perfect

My life is already perfect as long as I have you in it.

You Are My Home

From the moment you walked into my life, all I ever want to is to be with you and listen to you and tell you all about my day. You’ve become someone I look forward to when I get home every day. You are my home, my shelter and my all.