The Right Words To say

If only there are the right words to say for when I want to tell you that I love you – there aren’t any right words or phrases for this, and I can only show you through my actions and hope that you understand.

Every Miracle

Thank you for making every miracle possible for me.

An Amazing Wife

The world needs more people like you – bright, sunny, loving and kind. And here I am, the luckiest in the whole wide world to have such an amazing woman as my wife.

Believe In Angels

I know that I’m about to say some really cheesy things, but truly, I did not believe in angels until you came into my life.

You Became Everything

I love you in a way that many men will feel lucky to experience even just once in their lives. I love you so much that you became everything that I need.

I Have You

Each and every single day, I am genuinely grateful for I have you.

I Want You In My Life

I love you, and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of telling you just how much I love you. You’re important to me, and I want you in my life for a long, long time.

When I Fell For You

When I fell for you, I knew that I was falling for an angel so perfect that I don’t think I’ll ever compare. But you accepted me regardless, and you loved me as I am. I love you.