The Right One

When you found the right one, do everything for him. Not all are blessed to have the opportunity to love and to be loved.

All You Need To Do

You don't need to put on too much make-up to look gorgeous or put on that sexy red dress to look astounding. All you need to do is smile and you can capture the hearts of those around you.

The Fountain Of My Soul

Your name is framed inside my mind, your voice echoes inside my heart and your love is the fountain of my soul.

A Happy Ending

Relationships last long because you chose to fight for it. You do everything to keep it, to work it, and most especially to make it grow. This kind of relationship ends up in a happy ending. 👍

Time For Your Heart

Never let the anger enter your heart. Always have time for your heart to rest so that it can love again. Give your best to the one who will make it beats again.  💖

The Days I’m Dreaming

I look forward to each day I can tickle you until you beg me to stop, annoy you until you get mad and cook you meals even if I risk burning the whole house down. I could go on and on about the days I’m dreaming of spending with you. I love you.

Your Soul And Heart

When it touches your soul and warms your heart unlike any other, don’t let it go. 💘

All I Am Living For

Every single day I get to hold you in my arms are all I am living for. I love you.