You Made Me

Dear, I can’t believe that you made me into the person I am today, thanks for everything.

It Is Magical

I just want to say my feelings for her and be able to love smile for it is magical each time.

The Biggest Smiles

Nothing is more important to wear than the biggest smiles on the faces of the one you love.

The Kind Of Heart

I just wish I have the kind of heart that will always try to make things a whole lot better.

That Magic I Feel

There is just that magic that I feel whenever I see my love smile, it makes me happy as well.

I Love You A Lot

I can spend forever in your company and not even get bored one bit for I love you a lot, girl.

Being Happy

I think being happy suits you, my darling, so let me try my best to make you feel that way too.

Keep Her Happy

All that I really want to do in this life is to make my love smile, to keep her happy all the time.