Will Never Change

I love you and that will never change, you will always be in my heart now and forever.

Happiest Thing Happened To Me

The happiest thing happened to me. Having you for the rest my life is truly heaven sent.

He May Not Be

He may not be handsome but he's got good sense. He may not be the smartest but is confident enough to express himself. He may not be young but he smells so good. He may not be hot but sweet and honest enough to make a woman fall.

Everyday With You

Everyday with you is another happiest day in my life. Knowing you’re a part of it tickles my inside. Don’t go away or I'm going to die. Stay with me and share these moments of my life.

Not Jealous

Don’t believe the girls who say that they are not jealous. There is not such a thing.

Girls Are Not Hard To Get

Girls are really not hard to get, they are just testing how serious you are.

His Weaknesses

A real man is not afraid to show his weaknesses.

A True Man

A true man will not give up so easily on a relationship. He will find a way to solve the problem.