Loving You Gives Me Courage

Loving you gives me courage. Being loved by you gives me strength. And being together with you forever gives me purpose.

Love Each Other

Despite our differences, you still showed me that there are more things to love about each other.

It Never Worked Out

Now I know why it never worked out with anybody else. It was because I was meant for you.

I Feel Contented

I feel contented whenever I look at you because I know I’ve got all I need right in front of me. You mean everything to me. I love you.

Life Is Hard

You try to hold on even though life is hard and the road is tough, and that’s why I love you.

Embrace You Forever

If a hug meant showing your lover how much you love him, then I’d embrace you forever and never let you go.

You Love Me Back

My love for you is beyond something I can comprehend. Even so, what’s important is the feelings are there, and you love me back too.

I Accept Your Flaws

I love your good side, and I love your bad side even more. You’re not perfect, but I accept your flaws with all my heart. And that is what love is to me.