My Attention And My Love

You are the only person who deserves my attention and my love. No one else can create those sweet memories I had with you, no one can make every moment of my life worthwhile as you do. I love you unconditionally.

Being Married

It’s good being married indeed. My experience of being married has been mind-blowing. Who has made that possible if not my husband?

I Feel Our Heart

Whenever you hold me in your arms, I feel our heart beating together as one, and that the best feeling I’ve ever had in life.

Come Back Soon

I won’t say I miss you every time, but it is so hard right now to say that I don’t. Please come back soon.

You Are The Best Thing

Could I ever get tired of letting you know that you are the best, when you are the best thing that has ever happened to me? No way!

If You Give Up On Love

If you give up on love, you will never realize how close you were to find the special person in your life.

A Mark In my Life

You left such a mark in my life that whenever you’re not around, I can’t help but miss you.

Until You Fall In Love

Nothing seems good until you have a taste and no one seems perfect until you fall in love with them.