Everything About You

I love everything about you. Your strengths and your flaws make you, YOU!

The Best Out Of Me

You never failed to amaze me. Every little thing you do is magic. You made everything so happy and new. I love to wake up every morning knowing that you were there for me – to cheer me up and to bring the best out of me.

Remember That I Love You

Remember that I love you whenever you are having a bad day.

I Have A Man

I am grateful I have a man who always makes time for me despite his busy schedule. I admire him so much because he knew exactly how to handle things accordingly. He is all I wanted to be with forever.

Everything We Have

You knew exactly how to keep our relationship. You always wanted to talk about things. You said, one of the essential things in a relationship is communication. I’m glad I have a man who knows the importance of everything we have.

You Caught My Attention

You caught my attention as you walked into the crowd. I cannot take my eyes off you, and I started to think about you the whole night. I cannot believe until now that you are already mine. I swear I will never forget the night that I saw you.

Give You All My Love

I may not be able to promise you all the things you want, but I will give you all my love.

Before You Came

Before you came, my life was empty. It is you who lifts me up. It is you who gives me life. Now, I am confident in loving you for the rest of our lives.