To Be With You

Babe, you are the one thing that I did right and I am so happy to be with you too.

My love For You

During the saddest times of my life, I think of you and my love for you makes it easier to bear all the pain that I am feeling.

For All The Happiness

I cannot thank you enough for all the happiness that you have brought to me in this life of mine.

A Good Exercise

It is a good exercise to keep you happy to try and make the person you love happy as well.

Like Traveling

I want to go around the world with you, because loving someone is like traveling.

Just Know

Just know that I will never get tired of you and loving you and telling you that I really truly do.

All Worth It

The truth is that when you make your love smile, it truly just makes things all worth it then.

Always Here For You

When things get rough, know that I will always be here for you to lean on and to be with.