Always You

Ever since I met you, the only person in my mind is always you.

The Beauty Of Life

Thank you for coming to my life, thank you for making me see the beauty of life, and thank you for making me feel loved.

My First And My Last

I know it’s too early, but I hope you’re my first and my last one. You’re one I want to be with forever

The One For Me

Darling, you are the reason for every laugh that escapes my mouth, you are the one for me.

An Exception

My mom told me it’s not good to be dating at a young age, but if it’s you then I’ll make it an exception.

He Gets Mad

When he gets mad, I get mad too. So he ends up being the one saying sorry and hugging me, and I can’t help but kiss him to let him know it’s okay.

Everything To Me

You are the reason for all the smiles that I have been showing, you are everything to me, dear.

I Fell In Love

It was in that moment you told me a short and sweet message that I fell in love with you, babe.