Love From A Woman

A beautiful plant can’t live long enough without rain and sunshine; such is a man without love from a woman.

Nights Used To Be Lonely

Nights used to be lonely and dark, but ever since you came, I noticed how the stars beautifully twinkle like your eyes and how the moon shines so bright like your smile.

A Gift To Me

I will love you even after I see all your flaws. Getting to see another side of you is a gift to me.

The Things You Do For Me

You make my heart skip a beat every time you kiss me or hold my hand. There’s always something about what you do that makes me love you even more. And I’ll never get tired of the things you do for me.

Put My Love Into Writing

I cannot exactly put my love into writing, but I’ll always show it to you, and I don’t care how hard things get, but I will never stop showing how much I love you.

Happy For The Choices

I’m happy for the choices I’ve made in my life, whether they were good or bad, because all I did, led me to you. If I had something different, then I probably wouldn’t have met you.

Through All The Miracles

Through all the miracles of this life, love, you made me forget all my worries.

I Started Loving Myself

I started loving myself because you kept reminding me how much you love me for me. You boosted my self-confidence because of your love.