The World Of Mine

I am feeling jealous of all the people that you ever hugged, Because for a moment they were holding the whole world of mine.

Our Happiness

Every time I think about giving up, I think about you and it gives me strength. Somehow you motivate me and fill me with inspiration. The amazing feeling of love and gratitude leads me through hardships to happiness. Our happiness.

My Mind And Heart Are With You

When I have you next to me, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, And when you are away, my mind and my heart are still with you!

My Heart Is Full Of Joy

Every day I want to have you next to me, When you’re not here, I’m always sad, When you are here, my heart is full of joy, I never want to lose you.

Love Can Be Destructive

Love can be destructive and creative, painful and healing. Love can be so different that sometimes we can’t understand whether it’s love or something else. But I know that as long as two people want to stay together, they will cope with all challenges making their way to happiness.

Falling In Love With You

I just want to let you know that falling in love with you was the second-best thing that happened to me because the first one was meeting you!

Changed Me For The Better

They say love is blind, but actually, it has opened my eyes and changed me for the better. Thanks to you, now I know what true love is.

Always Rely On Me

The most wonderful things happen when you expect them the least. We found each other in difficult times for both of us and became guiding stars for each other. I believe, if we stick together, nothing will hurt us. You can always rely on me.