Overpoweringly Love You

I overpoweringly love you. I do and I sincerely mean it. You are the only one for me, my hero!

My Sweet Man

I’m pleased that universe gave me you my sweet man. I love you!

I Am Grateful

I am grateful to you for loving me throughout the period when I don’t even make out how to love myself. 🙏 💕

My Knight

I am so worn-out. So worn-out of thinking about you all day long my knight. I love you darling!

Lucky I Have You

You are just precisely the sort of man that I am dreaming of. How propitious and lucky I am to have you. Kisses for you babe!

Relaxed And Cheerful

Knowing that you are at all times next to me makes my heart relaxed and cheerful.

My One Truest Hero

You are not a knight in an alluring and glittering armor but you are for all time my one and truest hero. Thank you for saving me!

Always Think Of You

I do not know if my mind is pre-programmed to always think of you because I just can’t stop doing so. I love you baby!