My One Truest Hero

You are not a knight in an alluring and glittering armor but you are for all time my one and truest hero. Thank you for saving me!

Always Think Of You

I do not know if my mind is pre-programmed to always think of you because I just can’t stop doing so. I love you baby!

Every Now And Then

I only want one thing; it is to be with you every now and then.

The Brightest Star

You are the brightest star in my whole sky. Hugs and Kisses!

A Grand Day

Every day is a grand day for me most particularly when I am with you.

The Look In Your Eyes

The look in your eyes whenever you are with me gives me an assurance that I am the luckiest lady in town. I love you!

My Entire World

My entire world will be a total nonsense if you did not come into my life. You are the only sense to all of my nonsense. I love you babe!

To Be Without You

If I am to be separated from you, every minute will be the longest, every moment will be the dullest and every day will be the slowest. I don’t know what my life will come to be without you.😘