The Test Of Time

Even when you are miles away to each other, always keep the love stronger. Love gets stronger if it passed the test of time and distance.

My Special Someone

I love your smile, your face, your heart, and your brain. You are my special someone and no one could ever replace you.

Let The Love

Let the love between the two of you transform your life, heal your broken past, and gives you a sharper mind. Do not let anything tears you apart.

One Kiss

One kiss and I know you are for me. One hug and I know you are the one for me. One smile and my world stops. Just so you know you take my breath away.

Your Future Family

It is a good thing to finally have that someone who doesn’t judge you by your mistakes, but helps you how to make it right. He’s someone who will take good care of you and your future family together.

Loving You Is A Routine

Romancing you is my favorite hobby. I will never get tired of it. Loving you is a routine, I will never get used to it.

Value Each Other

As a couple, you learned how to grow together, you learned how to value each other, and you learned how to love unconditionally.

Old Couples

Even old couples never stop holding each other hands. They can prove to everyone that no age can stop them to feel young. They are the inspiration of the young couples.