Fall In Love

Always choose to be in love, not to fall in love.

The Quality Of True Love

The best quality of true love is the feeling that somebody understands you, and you understand somebody.

Create A Happy Marriage

You cannot create a happy marriage with the person you can live with. You should marry the person you cannot live without!

Kiss And Hug

True love is not hot kisses and gentle hug. It's the feeling which makes you want to kiss and hug.

I Love That Feeling

I love that feeling when you call me and I see your name on my phone.

I Am Worth Something

I love you my dear because you make me realize that I am worth something.

The Hero Of My Dreams

He is the hero of my dreams and he is everything to me. All the other men look pale to me beside him.

A Pure Gentleman

You are a pure gentleman who want to show me that how much value I have in your life.