How Can I Forgive You

How can I forgive you, if even your "sorry" was made in China.

A Chance To Be With Someone

Know what I like most when I dream? When I get the chance to be with someone who is impossible to be with in reality.

I Never Regret Loving You

I can never regret that you have been a part of my life. I can never regret that I love you, because it is exactly what I wanted.

I Loved You Truly

We may not be together in the end, but I'm still happy, because I know that you were at my side and I have loved you truly.

Hurt To Learn

No one wants to be hurt, but sometimes it is the only way for you to learn.

Nobodys Fault

It's nobody's fault. It's not yours. It's not mine. It just didn't work.

Life Will Go On

I learned that in life you will stumble and fall many times. Whether you stand up or not life will go on. The world still spin, and time will ran out.

Paths Cross

There are some people that are not meant for each other. They are not meant for each other, yet their paths still cross.