Who To Blame

Do not blame your heart. It beats to supply blood to the body. Now, if you're good at anatomy and you blame the hypothalamus which controls emotions, you're still wrong! Why? Do you put the blame on body organs. Accept that the heart, brain, liver or intestines are not to blame for all that happened, but yourself and your choices.

I Will Set You Free

I will set you free if it’s not me your heart is beating for. Don’t worry if it’s not me your dreaming of. If there is no love left, Then I will set you free.

To Laugh Is Harder

It’s difficult to cry because of the pain we feel. But laughing just to show that you're not hurt is harder.

My Best friend My Lover

How come we never talk anymore? I still see you as my best friend. Maybe you can only see me as the lover who broke your heart. When I left you I thought I was just losing my lover but keeping my best friend. Now I've lost both It makes me wonder if I really meant that much to you if you can just let go. I broke it, but I didn't think that you would end it.

End Up Being Hurt

It’s hard to fight for something that you know is wrong from the very beginning. We can be so stubborn that we force ourselves to believe that what is wrong is right. Sometimes you fight really hard even though you know you’ll end up hurting yourself.

You Promise

You promised me you’d never leave me, I believed you and let myself fall hard. When time passed and I didn’t hear from you I realized it was a lie. You left without even saying goodbye.

Falling Out Of Love

Falling out of love is primarily a matter of forgetting how charming someone is.

Tears Are Like Rain

I hope my tears are like the rain, so that if they stop the sun will shine and bring happiness.