A time will come that you will think of me, and miss me. When that time comes, I will have changed and I will not feel a thing for you.

My Feelings May Change

My feelings for you may change. Someday I won't even miss you, but the memories will stay the same.

Fall Out Of Love

If you fall out of love with someone, tell them straight. It's better for them to hear you say it than to make them feel it. And it's a lot better if they hear it from you than others.

I cheated on you

I cheated on you. You forgave me. You shouldn't have because right now I'm deciding how to tell you I cheated again.

That Day You Left Me

I only realized how much I loved you the day you left me. Now I know I love you more than the first time I met you.

I Miss The Time

I miss the time when you wanted to spend every second of your life with me.

Its Not Easy To Forget

Its not easy to forget, but if you really want to, you can do it.

No Hope

Don’t wait for the time you will get hurt even more, before you accept the truth that there is no hope for your love.