Don’t Want To Show

Sometimes even if you’re not okay, in pain and hurt, you don’t want it to show. You do not want them to know that while they are happy you're miserable.

Giving Up

Sometimes giving up the one you love is the only way to ease the pain.

Its The Situation

It’s not the person you are tired of, but the situation that keeps happening again and again.

It Is Hard To Give Up

It is hard to give up on some one you love so much. It is more difficult to fight for someone who is just waiting for you to give up.

Dont Play

Don’t play with other people’s feelings. There is such a thing called karma.

Being Honest Is Good

If being honest is good, then why do people get hurt after finding out the truth?

A Way To Stay

Some people do not want to lose you, but don't make way for you to stay.


Forever and always is what you want to promise me? Go ask the last guy who promised me that, see if he's still keeping that promise. Then come try to promise me that again! If you don't know his name...its my ex.