You Will Never Know

You will never know what's right if you're happy doing wrong.

It’s Not Wrong

It’s not wrong to love them. What’s bad is forcing them to love you too.

I’ve Tried

I've tried telling you what I feel for you, yet you don't care a bit. I tried loving you from a distance but it hurts to see you with another. I will roam the world naked just to prove to you how much I love you.

Wait A Little More

You know you love each other, yet you can’t be together because things must happen in the right time and right place. You just have to wait a little more.

Never Assume

Never assume that love is enough to make someone stay. When pain strikes the heart love will fade no matter how great it is.

Dont Force Yourself On Someone

Don’t force yourself on someone who doesn’t love you. It’s like putting food into the mouth of a person who does not want to eat.

Love Is Like Magic

Love is like magic. As long as you have not seen the trick you will continue to believe.

Not All The Things

Not everything that you understand is the truth and not all the things you cannot understand are a lie. You just have to open your mind.