Meant For You

No matter the pain and hate you feel in your heart, there is a person that is meant for you who will ease that pain and hate.

Dont Waste My Love

Don't waste my love for you. I've wasted the love of others for me just to love you.

Accept It

If its over, accept it! It is hard, but someday you will be thankful that he left so you could find the person who truly loves you.

Second Chance

There are situations where it is hard to decide, like giving a second chance to the person who once broke you're trust.

We Choose

Sometimes we choose to love a person who doesn't care, that's why we get hurt.

Still Love You

I still love you... and it hurts me every time I see you happy with someone else.

Reaching Star

I'm tired of forcing myself on the person who can't love me. It's better to stare at the star than trying to reach it when I know that I can't from the start.

Never Leave The One You Love

Don't leave the person you love for a person who just flirts with you. The person who flirts with you will leave you for the someone who flirts with them. The person who loves you will stay by your side.