Not All The Things

Not everything that you understand is the truth and not all the things you cannot understand are a lie. You just have to open your mind.

Love Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

Love is like a cup of coffee, if you just leave it sitting, it gets cold.

The Best Things To Learn

The best thing to learn in life is the habit of compromise. It's better to bend a little, than to break a loving relationship.

True Relationship

Never leave a true relationship over a few faults! Nobody is perfect. In the end affection is greater then perfection.

In A Relationship

In a relationship, before you give up, think first if what the problem really is. Does it really matter when compared to the happy moments and pure love you two have shared?

The Big Difference

There's a big difference between falling in love and jumping into a relationship because you're lonely.

Love Is Like A Knot

Love is like knotted yarn.  If you can’t untangle it, it’s better to cut it.

Build And Make It Better

People would rather plan how they can get even and get revenge in a relationship rather than how they can build it and make it better.